The context

Velenje is an active city with vibrant youthful energy. It's a city of friendships and a friendly atmosphere, which connects its citizens. It's defined by how spacious and open it is, and the nature that defines it. Natural forces created the city and today, they help the city develop a rich tourism offering, unique in Šaleška valley.

Velenje is a source of inspiration

We worked with the Tourism Institute of Šaleška dolina to develop a tourism destination brand, which focuses on the attributes of the youngest Slovenian city and its youthful energy. Velenje is inspired by adventures in the three lakes area, a unique heritage of its coal-driven past, as seen in the rich museum offering and recognizable cultural festivals, all of which offer the youth unforgettable experiences. These recognizable characteristics tell the story of the area, define the identity of the locals, and the character of the city.

Communication of the new tourism destination brand

For the communication of the new tourism destination brand, we devised and designed advertisements for print, city lights, billboards, and various digital communication channels.

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