User aspect

Everyone deserves more when it comes to the realization of their needs and desires. But more can only be achieved by carefully planning their finances and regular savings. This is why Triglav Skladi created a savings plan product, which helps us save as little as 30 EUR every month and invest that into mutual funds, where our savings are generating value, rather than losing it. The Savings Plan allows customers to take charge of their financial security and long-term stability, use small investments to enrich their wealth, and achieve their dreams in the future.


At the agency, we conceived, designed, and planned the upgrade of communication in line with the long-term "You deserve more" communication platform. The fall campaign used "Her story" to speak about the desires of the modern woman, who acts today to plan her future goals. The agency creative team delivered a communication campaign to present "His story", a story of the modern male protagonist, who doesn't just dream about his personal desires and family goals, but plans them and puts them into practice with investment savings and Triglav Skladi. The creative idea of the continuation of the campaign stresses the male point of view and desires while keeping the recognizable communication tone of the You deserve more platform.

A mixed traditional and digital media communication campaign

In addition to the story of the main protagonist, who dreams about a moment of solitude in the sauna, a free night with friends, an urban garden in his living room, his son attending school abroad and having his own music studio and his hotel on 4 wheels, the outdoor, print and web media advertising campaign is supplemented by other stories of people who save to realize their goals by investing into Triglav Skladi funds.

The Triglav Skladi brand was positioned outside the traditionally serious financial category and made it more intimately relatable to the modern individual with a warm and youthful tone of communication. The scope of the campaign includes TV and radio ads, website communication, digital communication, social media communication, outdoor advertisements, creative use of other media, including city bus advertisements, internal channels, and point of sale communication.

Comprehensive strategy, conception, and management of content marketing

In addition to mass media (TV, radio, digital and outdoor advertising), we used the "You deserve more" communication platform to conceive a comprehensive strategy and operational plan content marketing, including selected social media platforms. We created our own content and editorials in the columns "Ana gets finance", "Financial inspiration", "Focused content", "Q&A meetups", "Finance made simple", "Investing for anyone", and "Financial glossary". Yootree, in collaboration with Triglav Skladi, continually generates engaging quality content, which increases public financial literacy and helps visitors make informed decisions on their future investments.

See the Triglav Skladi Facebook page and follow the updates on the company's Instagram profile. We designed a centralized content repository for web visitors, the You deserve more website, interactive tools for financial planning and savings, e-books and manuals, investment advice, and a programmed guide for the creation of a personal goal achievement financial plan.