User aspect

The young are aware that they can only count on themselves and their own income to fulfill their personal wishes and financial goals. They're not aware, however, that managed investments can be used to compound their assets, and ensure that they have the resources to fulfill their wishes and ensure their financial stability.


The creative idea of the new "Zaslužite si več" communication platform communicates the imperative that we should take our dreams into our own hands, and work to achieve our goals by investing smaller amounts over a longer period with Triglav Skladi. The stories of the campaign represent real goals, which people can achieve by investing in mutual funds, and the fresh appearance targets primarily the younger generations, who are ever more aware, that they have to take care of their own financial security.

Communication elements

The Triglav Skladi brand was repositioned outside the traditionally cold financial category. We used a warm, personal, and youthful communication tone to bring it closer to the modern individual. The complete scope of the campaign includes TV ads, a series of radio ads, outdoor advertising, city lights, print ads, a website, and digital communication (online, mobile, social).

Web and social media

We've created a landing page, where each visitor can form their own plan to meet their wish. The personalized savings plan shows the user how much time and resources are required for him to achieve his dream.

In addition to the presentation of the services, the website and the activities on social networks were intended to educate the prospective customers. Users could access a host of useful financial advice and free guides and manuals, which helped them make everyday financial decisions.

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