User aspect

People with muscle and joint pain are highly aware of the value of health and free time. They enjoy the gifts and beauties of nature, and they trust natural products. When pain comes calling, they want it to end as soon and as possible, and they prefer to cure it permanently with natural remedies. This allows them to focus on the things in life that make them happy: hobbies, their families, and spending more time in nature.

Development of
an international

The communication platform takes an attractive and modern approach to present the speed of action for the natural ingredients of the Rosacta cream. The cream soothes muscle and joint pains and allows people to quickly return to their daily activities, hobbies, and enjoyment of their free time in nature,

With Rosacta, painful stories end quickly.

First-person slogans showcase the stories of people with muscle and joint pains, which end surprisingly quickly and easily. Stories of painful beginnings and positive endings are formed as contemporary 3D typographies, representing the happy endings of painful stories.

International product launch

To launch a new product in a number of international markets, we conceived, designed, and produced an integrated communication campaign, which included TV ads, a series of print ads, large format ads, city lights, ambient media, promotional billboards, radio ads, a website, and digital communication tools.

TV advertising

The product was launched with an international campaign, which included 42, 25, 17, and12-second TV ads for the Croatian, Slovenian, and Austrian markets.

Rosacta in ambiental media

We conceived and designed a series of posters, city lights, and billboards for ambiental advertising.

Rosacta in print media

The attention of the public in print media was attracted with a series of whole-page ads and ad banners, which specifically explained the natural ingredients, benefits, and effect of the Rosacta cream.

Rosacta in the digital space

To promote the product in the digital space, we conceived and designed a website, social media content, landing pages, advanced web banners, and mobile formats.

We conceived and designed the web and mobile digital format Facebook Canvas, intended to offer a multimedia introduction of the benefits, ingredients, and properties of the Rosacta healing cream.

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