We introduced a young student of architecture, Klemen Frece, who found himself delving into a curious passion during his studies: the creation of masterful cakes, chocolate pralines, and other pastries. Although he was studying to become an architect, his true passion was to create his own brand of pastries and to share it with the world. He converted his architecture bureau into a patisserie atelier, where he created unique constructions from materials, which melt in your mouth. In his praline creations, he drew on his architecture training and a keen sense of aesthetics, creating small masterpieces of unique taste.

How does creativity

Under the hands of the young craftsman,
every praline can become
a piece of architectural art.

Creative idea

We used online activation to create a digital tool, with which the youth from all across Slovenia could help Klemen realize his dream. The web application allowed people to create their own combination of select Klemen's pralines, place them in a special virtual box, and hope to win a weekly contest. This helped e-Študentski Servis to support Klemen in the promotion of his work to 80.000 young people, and the audience could support the young architect with the creation of unique praline sets. Weekly winners received their own combination of pralines with a personal message of the budding master craftsman.

The development of the Praline by Klemen Frece brand

In addition to the activation of youth on social media, the goal of the project was to create a brand, which will help this young creator to further his career path. This is why we created a complete brand identity and packaging for the Praliné by Klemen Frece brand, and furnished all the boxes with his personal message, in which he thanked everyone who took part in the contest and supported him in the development of his own brand. The interest and orders went even beyond the borders of Slovenia, as these unique praline sets were also assembled by contestants from other countries.

We used two completely disparate typographies in the logo, which highlight the passions of this pastry master. Initially, the technical typography is noticed, whose clean and sharp lines pay tribute to architecture. To establish a contrast, we chose a manuscript for the signature, which subtly points to the unique nature of the products offered and the personal approach of the chef to the product line. The packaging was furnished with select graphical elements, which add a male and elegant note to the finished product.

Use Klemen's experience to deliver delicious business gifts

E-Študentski Servis chose Klemen's pralines as the official business gift of the company, which they used to thank their employees, supporters, partners, and customers on the occasion of New Year 2019. They set an example for other Slovenian companies and organizations and showed that socially beneficial projects can support the creativity and competence of students working in their area.

sumbitted selections
of pralines
assembled boxes
of pralines

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