The solution

We prepared a unified communication platform for the integrated marketing communication of products from the Airabela offering, as well as heat pipe installation services. The communication platform used a sweepstakes campaign to attract people who live in cold homes and do not own a heat pump heating system.

The communication campaign mechanics

The campaign was underpinned by sweepstakes, which used the web portal to invite people to take part in a drawing and hope to win a holiday trip to Jamaica. Anyone taking part had to submit their personal information and use a specialized app to report the average temperature of their home during the winter.

In a series of emails, we invited every attendee to take part in the draw, and to anyone who was a good fit for a heat pump offering, we sent discount coupons for EUR 1000 off the cost of a top tier heat pump purchase. The application and the series of emails allowed us to generate 231 leads who were submitting qualified inquiries for a heat pump purchase.

Airabela partners websites

We worked with 11 Airabela heating installation partners to support a consistent concept, design, and production of marketing materials on their websites in accordance with the overall branding of the product line. These website changes were partially financed from the media budget for the common presentation of the line in media outlets.

Mass communication media

We used mass communication media to inform the public that you don't need to leave your home for a warm retreat. You can experience the summer months by installing a heat pump.

ad displays of
11 installation partners
across Slovenia
readers of the article and
advertorial on the portal
inquiries for the purchase
of heat pumps received through the platform in 60 days

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