The task

The company Pro Plus invited us to join the project of marketing of this reality show. Our task, in collaboration with Chef Bine, was to develop a special cookbook, which will help the culinary masterpieces from the TV show find their way into the kitchens of the viewers. The cookbook would have to help the public prepare these dishes easily. The popularity of the show meant that over the 4 seasons of its run, we prepared a collection of cookbooks and a range of retail merchandise.

Even the best chefs
are created in the
kitchen at home

At Yootree, we transported the show from TV screens into the homes and kitchens of viewers. We devised the Restaurant Looking for a Boss book name and worked with the editor Nina Jeklič and chef Bine to define the content blocks of the book.

Based on the specification, we conceived a comprehensive idea concept of the project and art direction for the appearance of the book. As the book is a cookbook that guides the reader through preparation in steps, we included this into the conceptual design of the book.

The cover showcases the dish Deconstructed Beef Rock'n'roll, and the expertise and advice of chef Bine is used to guide through the steps of preparation on the back cover of the book.

Photography production

We invited Miha Bratina, a well known gourmet photographer, to collaborate on the book. While chef Bine was preparing the popular dishes included in the book, we worked with Miha to create the photographs, handle art direction, and professional dish styling.

Expansion of the project to a series of books

The success of the first book Restaurant's looking for a Boss 1 led to the client entrusting us with the production of two additional books for the coming seasons of the show. The series of books Restaurant's looking for a Boss 1, 2, and 3 was tied into a collection, and the covers, section pages, and photography allowed us to present the culinary particularities of individual seasons of the show and the innovative recipes of the most popular restaurant in Slovenia.

Art direction and design

Books are designed as kitchen cutting boards, on which the ingredients of a dish are served. We designed the books to ensure that the dishes and ingredients are as attractive as possible, and appeal to the reader, who hopes to use the book in their own kitchen.


In accordance with the conceptual design of the book, we also designed a series of Restaurant's looking for a Boss merchandise.

We designed kitchen rags, oven gloves, aprons and other cooking utensils, which help the fans of the show in their daily kitchen tasks.

We collaborated with the company Menart to change highlight cooking as a family activity. We designed a Restaurant's looking for a Boss board game, in which the players act as the professional panel of judges, evaluating the cooking skills of their family members.

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