About Forma Viva

The metal sculptures of Forma Viva are a cultural landmark of the city Ravne na Koroškem. They were created at 8 international symposiums between 1964 and 2014. Globally renowned sculptors from 15 countries, in collaboration with steelworking master craftsmen from the Ravne steelworks created, over a period of 50 years, over 30 awe-inspiring metal and steel artworks, which enrich the architectural appearance of the city and surrounding areas.

The context

Although the steel masterpieces are a major tourist attraction in the city, the stories about their creation and their authors among the local populace have gotten lost over time. Only rare individuals still know the backgrounds, stories, and locations of all 33 sculptures of this unique exhibition.

Strategy development of the

In order to reinvigorate the popularity of the exhibition, we developed a strategy of the culturally-tourist product and defined the development vision, stakeholders, target audiences, and long-term product management activity.

Brand identity

In addition to the strategy, we developed the Forma Viva Ravne brand, and designed its brand image, identity and monography. In the development of these materials, we collaborated with the Architectural bureau Jure Kotnik.

Forma Viva Ravne

As part of the Forma Viva Ravne 2014 symposium, we collaborated with the curator Marko Košan, photographer Tomo Jeseničnik, and Vojko Močnik from Ravne na Koroškem City Hall to conceive and design a monograph of the Forma Viva Ravne 1964-2014 and present all 33 authors and the sculptures in the exhibition.


We conceived and designed a collection of online communication materials: information billboards on roads leading into the city, promotional posters, print ads, and a brochure with a map for foreign visitors to the city.

The information billboard system

We developed a unified system of information billboards for the 33 sculptures, which allowed the visitors to access the digital FVR app with a virtual guide and multimedia content, which introduced the sculptures and their authors.

Smartphone and
tablet app

We developed an app for smartphones and tablets, which allows visitors to independently navigate the Forma Viva Ravne exhibition and the route of cultural heritage KulTURA. We used the virtual guide to change the tour of cultural landmarks of Ravne an Koroškem into a modern culturally-tourist experience.

Retail products

Unforgettable experiences and memories from trips and holidays are best when shared with other people. That's why we developed retail products and souvenirs for the Forma Viva Ravne brand, which lets visitors take a small piece of the Forma Viva Ravne story home and share them with their friends and families.


Preparation of tourism product and the development of the application have garnered lots of interest in professional circles and the public. As part of the project, we also managed public relations, prepared press kits and press releases, collaborated at the round table within the scope of the ALUO LXX exhibition, and assisted in the preparation of over 25 press releases about the product in TV, radio, print, web, and social media.

Find the Forma Viva in photo albums

To activate and include the local community, we devised the Find the Forma Viva in photo albums contest. The long-term contest intends to collect valuable information, archive imagery and video of sculptures and their authors, which people have kept over generations. The collection of archive content and its digitization will ensure that the cultural heritage of Forma Viva Ravne remains accessible to future generations.

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