A picnic at Forma Viva

This is why our agency prepared an idea concept for the execution of the Picnic at Forma Viva Ravne project, which included the conception of a tourist product and the prototype of a product: the bindle of Forma Viva Ravne, which hides local culinary goodies for a picnic among the Forma Viva sculptures.

Development of
prototipes and
bindle contents

We invited the students of the Department of Textiles, Graphic Arts and Design at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Egineering of the University of Ljubljana, who within the scope of the Sustainable Design course under the mentorship of prof. Nataša Peršuh cooperated on the project of the design of the fantastic tourist "BINDLE" product.

Development of an innovative tourist product

They designed a product intended for tourists and visitors on their tour of the Forma Viva Ravne and offered the user the added value of the experience itself. The bindle offers a way to enjoy a picnic with delicacies from local suppliers (restaurant and butcher Lečnik), supported by a design and content experience with added value. In their design efforts, the students were focusing on the aspects of sustainable thinking, and in aesthetics and content, they drew on the inspiration provided by the town of Ravne, the sculptures of Forma Viva, and local points of interest.

The exhibition "Forma Viva Bindle Run"

The project generated 6 solutions by young fashion designers from across Slovenia and one final prototype of the "Bindle". They're showcased at the museum of the Koroška region. As the sculptures of the Forma Viva Ravne are spread across the city, a tour of the sculptures with a bindle and the delicious goodies inside it is guaranteed to provide an unforgettable memory for travelers.

The region of Koroška is full of wonder. There are at least 32, give or take a few"

Admir Kapić, author


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