Creative challenge

Just as people change their style over the years, so has Cockta, but it remained fundamentally the same, independent, and true to itself. Its original and recognizable taste may fascinate consumers to this day, but the people have changed in the meantime. This is why Atlantic Group asked us to cocreate the strategy of Cockta brand repositioning and long term vision and story definition, which would help the legendary beverage with its rebirth as the voice of new generations of youth.


We live in an increasingly fast-moving and complex world. The TV was replaced by the mobile phone. Playgrounds were replaced by the internet, and words are giving up ground to emojis. Social media is full of "fake" people and "fake" news, the daily slog and routine are increasingly boring. Where can we find true value in such a world?

Authenticity. Authentic experiences we can feel. People and environments, which promote diversity, passion, interests, and ideas in the youth and the young at heart. We can't change the world by rebelling blindly, but by living life on our own terms and influencing the world by that.

Repositioning of the Cockta brand

Our communication analysis investigated the various communication of the brand through the decades. To achieve clear and recognizable differentiation from competing brands, we based the new communication platform on the new "Enlightened rebel" archetype of the brand, and introduced the positioning slogan:Your Cockta. Your Thing.

At Youtree, we developed the communication platform which evolves Cockta into an international ambassador of authenticity and introduces the stories of true heroes, people who dare to be different, go against the flow, and live life on their own terms.

Communication platform: Your Cockta. Your thing.

The new communication platform moves Cockta from its traditional position into a new identity of a beverage for people, who appreciate authenticity, diversity, who shun convention and instead bank on confidence, fearlessness, and courage. The brand, just like its users, thinks with its own head, writes its own rules, and supports those, who are driven by their own thing.

The communication strategy shifted the brand toward the youth, refreshed its image, and integrated it into the regional culture through stories, a digital strategy, and sponsorships.

Communication campaign

The comprehensive communication campaign allowed us to launch the new Cockta story on the markets of Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Macedonia. At Youtree, we conceived and designed a series of TV ads for the campaign, a series of creative solutions for outdoor advertising, print ads, websites, social media strategy, point of sale communication, HoReCa communication, as well as product packaging and promotional gifts for all the listed markets.

TV advertising: "The Typewriter" and "The Streaker"

The youth who live for their own thing are the heroes of our time. They have the courage to show the world who they are. That's why the captured the stories of two young people who live for their thing and personify the Cockta authenticity.

See the stories of Cockta heroes.

We create new legends, who live for their own thing.

For the digital space and social networks, we, conceived a YouTube video series, which represents real stories from new young legends from Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The garbage man and stand-up comic Joža Vrban, the young BMX cyclist Jaka Remec, the photographer Urška Premik, the violin maker Slavica Janošević, and other legends from the Adriatic region inspire us all to gather our courage and life for our own thing. Look at the Cockta legend stories.

Your music, your thing.

We attracted the attention of the public with a fresh and unique design of promotional materials - sound stages, hostess uniforms, louge chairs, promotional counters, flags, price lists, and other materials.

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