User aspect

Since the birth of Cockta, five legendary decades changed the world profoundly, over and over. In this very changing world Cockta remains unique - authentic and true to itself, as it not only follows the changes but helps bring them about. The new generation of Cockta lovers is exactly what Cockta always was: authentic, bold, confident, and daring.

Launch campaign

In the age of fake news and fake people, we value anything genuine. Even when choosing our favorite drink. The new Cockta communication platform was underpinned by the authenticity that the brand recognizes as the key value of modern society.

The communication idea of the new brand image is based on the playful collage of Cockta's 65 years of history. Cockta is legendary because of its inimitable taste and the way in which it conjures new unforgettable experiences, memories, emotions, and successes, which we've been created with a bottle of Cockta in hand for five decades. This is why the launch of the new image is carried by a simple and authentic message:


Cockta is a major brand with a loyal following in the markets of former Yugoslavia, as well as Canada and the USA. Accordingly, the international scope of the campaign included TV ads and animated video, OOH posters, printed ads, websites, social media presence, point of sale equipment, HORECA materials, coolers, packaging, promotional gifts, lounge chairs, snow sleds, and anything else that represents this legendary brand.

Web and social media

The redesigned website helps visitors find out about the legend of Cockta and its most legendary moments since 1953 across the 5 decades it helped create. They can discover some secrets of its unique taste and the secret recipe, as well as follow the births of new young legends, which, just like Cockta, live for their own thing.

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