Brand identity concept and design

We prepared an elegant brand identity to reinvigorate the brand and its visual appearance
in the cosmetics and fashion segment.

The context

The key competitive advantage of the Click2Chic online drug store is in the fact that you can visit it and make your purchase long after other drug stores have closed. You don't need to look for a local location, but can access it from any location in the country where internet access is available. When you do visit, there's no standing in line, since your products will be delivered by the national mail carrier to your home address.

Launching the first online
drugstore with an innovative
use of media

The campaign transported the products from shelves
into streets, where users in an urban
environment could see the innovative
shopping experience and win free
products from the offering of the drugstore.

We chose an innovative collection of media to develop the full media set, including various locations where customers can buy in the online drug store, as well as some that have never existed before: illuminated posters and display windows at the Post office in the center of the city were converted into a large mobile shop, and we used kiosks spread all around the capitol to display retail shelves of Click2Chic drug store products. We used TV ads and online media to increase public awareness of the new brand.

Discover free products on the shelves

All products on the virtual shelves of our campaign were equipped with unique SMS codes, and users could send a text message anywhere in the city to try their luck in discovering 10 free products among the offer on display.

Fill the shelf with your favorite products on Facebook

We created the "Fill the Shelf" web application on the Facebook page of the company, which allowed visitors to fill the virtual shelf with their favorite products and share those with friends, so they could get a discount on the purchase of those specific products.

visits of the virtual
drug store in the first
week of the campaign
in the first week
unique users
during the launch

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