From a boy with autism

We worked with our customer, Center Društvo za avtizem and searched the community of people with autism in Slovenia to find a talented 16-year old boy who had a strong love of photography. We partnered with the renowned photographer Borut Peterlin as a mentor, and he prepared an individual study program for the boy. In a few months of photo challenges, with plenty of engagement and teaching, the talented Tomaž Planinšek was prepared for the greatest challenge of his life.

Finding a piano

1555 km away in the capital of the United Kingdom, where he had the opportunity to photograph his idol - the world-renowned pianist with autism, Derek Paravicini.

We also invited the star of the documentary series SUPERHUMANS by Discovery Channel, whose extraordinary musical talents have led to the media nicknaming him the »Human iPod«.

Autism has two faces

We spoke with Derek's mentor and arranged a 1-day professional photoshoot in London for the communication platform Autism has two faces, which intends to show the two faces of Derek Paravicini, and make the argument that with the right education, people with autism can achieve incredible successes. Even the young photographer with autism from Slovenia.

Production of
photographs in

The photo session tool place in a care and work center in the London suburbs, where the young photographer, with the assistance of his mentor and the Yootree team, took a series of pictures for the campaign.

Conception, design, and campaign production

The campaign creatively used media to invite people to the benefit concert of Derek Paravicini in Ljubljana, as seen on jumbo billboards, city lights, printed ads, and digital media.

hours of time that it took to
sell out tickets for the
Derek Paravicini concert as part of the
Authism has two faces campaign

Care Awards

nominated the project as the
best social awareness
communication campaign in Europe
days of custom education brought the
16-year old photographer with autism
at the SOF festival the Grand
prize for the best photography
in advertising.

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