The context

Unfortunately, the youth has no idea that the driving safety program is something completely different. 8 hours of full experience and knowledge, where they receive valuable practical experience in driving safety and where they can test their own ability under extreme, but safe, circumstances.


The driving safety program at the AMZS center was introduced to the youth as an active and emotionally charged adventure, which also offers them priceless knowledge and experience, which increases their road safety for life.


We used the creative platform to take the boring concepts of »rollover«, »obstacle avoidance«, »understeer«, and replace them with their own words, and share their exciting experiences on social networks. We added an array of hashtags, used by the youth to describe their experiences in social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.

Video experiment:
"The most severe drive of your life"

As part of the sweepstakes campaign, we conceived and produced a video experiment »The most severe drive of your life«. 13 sceptical winners selected by the sweepstakes were secretly included into an experiment where we used technology to detect, measure, and add up the number of their smiles and emotions during the challenges of the driving safety course. The fun experiment allowed the young attendees to discover how educational and amusing the driving safety course at the AMZS center in Vransko can be.

Get ready for the drive of your life

The digital campaign targeted the youth and their parents. It used a sweepstakes campaign with web banners, native advertising, and branded content on popular websites to collect the content and hashtags generated by the campaign audience. In collaboration with the company W3B, we executed a paid media campaign online, and we furnished all AMZS offices in Slovenia with a series of posters targeted at the youth and their parents.

hashtags used by the youth
to describe their experiences in Vransko
during the campaign
views on the video "The most severe
drive of your life" on Facebook
and YouTube
record signups for the driving safety
course for beginners in
one month

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